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Success story | Loyalty | Hospitality

EDP Hotel Group

We partnered up with Bluize Point of Sale Systems, to deliver a single loyalty platform solution for the entire EDP hotel group.

A hit with users

Servicing 18 venues throughout South Australia thousands of members use the EDP Rewards app to earn loyalty points on purchases and get exclusive member offers and rewards.

POS integration

We seamlessly integrate with the powerful Bluize POS, ensuring friction free operation wherever transactions occur.

Marketing automation

The EDP group use Turnstyle's digital marketing suite to send tailored messages to members through multiple channels like email, push notifications, vouchers and in app multimedia content.

Works with existing loyalty programs

We enhanced the existing EDP loyalty program with our market leading technology. Existing members and new members fully enjoy all the benefits.

Success story | Loyalty | Retail

Banh Mi Vietnamese Rolls

Turnstyle helps customers beat the lunchtime rush at this popular Adelaide CBD lunch time spot.

Order in the morning, pickup at lunch

Customers use the Banh Mi app to order and pay for their lunch in the morning, then pick it up from the dedicated takeaway counter at lunch.

High user retention

After they try it once, customers generally become repeat users. The fast re-order feature allows you to get your favourite lunch faster.

Loyalty points and special offers

Ordering apps can include loyalty points, app only discounts and special offers.

Success story | Loyalty/Gamification | Hospitality

Preston Hotel Group

Preston Hotel Group engaged Turnstyle to manage their innovative in-house promotions.

Custom functionality and gamification

Turnstyle modernised the long running "Beer Legends" challenge at the Earl of Leicester. App members now dynamically track progress and earn bragging rights through achievement trophies, all the while enjoying member benefits and reward points.

Individual identity

Each Preston Hotel Group pub maintains their individual identity and brand through a single dedicated app.

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